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Soldiers of Christ

Soldiers of Christ ( SOC) is a volunteer group of parishioners between 30 and 50 years old. The group was formed in the year 2016 by our beloved Parish Priest Rev. Fr. P.A. Jacob to assist the Church to organize and smoothly conducting Church activities and functions.

The initial strength was around 10 which grew to around 30 active members. We meet on First Sunday after 8.45 am mass for one hour to review our activities and to plan future activities assigned. At present SOC support Church activities in following ways



Ushering on Sunday, holy and festival day masses.


Regulation of Holy Communion, church processions etc.


Take care of dumb box collection.


Attend Parish Council meeting and give fruitful suggestions.


Organizing the holy walk and facilitate arrangements during Lent season.


Assist the church for smooth and successful organizing of festivals, Retreats, Community Get Together, important ceremonies like First Holy Communion, Confirmation Etc.