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Prayer the Soul of the Parish

Any catholic parish should give priority to the spiritual well-being of its members. Besides the regular hours of liturgical worship like the Eucharistic Sacrifice there should be opportunities for the parishioners to spend time in prayer with the Word of God. We have two prayer groups functioning in the Parish. They conduct their meetings in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Emmaus Prayer Group meet  every Thursday at 6.30 pm. (Tamil)

Holy Spirit Prayer Group meet  every Tuesday at 6.30pm. (English)

The groups also organize parish retreats in consultation with the Parish Priest. The Emmaus Prayer group visit cancer hospital which is near to the parish and pray for the patients. Special healing prayers are conducted  by this group. They also visit a family once in a month and share the Word of God.

Every year  special prayer is conducted for the students appearing for Board Exams X and XII. Many students and parents attend the service and get blessed.

Prayer Group