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Catechism classes are conducted both in English and in Tamil after the respective Masses.

This year  a total of 407 Children have registered for the catechism classes,  362 Children for English and 45 for Tamil.  We have a dedicated team of 25 Teachers, assistants, volunteers and youth handling the English Catechism and a dedicated team of 4 Teachers and volunteers handling the Tamil Catechism.

St.Louis Church 23

Classes are classified as under :


Class NameStd/AgeNo. of children
KIDSUpto 1st Std70
JUNIOR3rd Std35
SUPER JUNIOR4th & 5th Std56
FIRST HOLY COMMUNIONTo receive Communion when 10 yrs old31
CONFIRMATION"Post Communion to receive
Confirmation when 12 yrs old."
SENIOR6th, 7th & 8th Std41
SUPER SENIOR9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Std53


CLASS 11st to 5th Std
CLASS 26th to 10th Std


For each class two teachers and one youth volunteer has been assigned.

SYLLABUS (Refer Consolidated Syllabus and detailed Syllabus inside)



We have activities that are a part of each Sunday class like colouring, cross word, puzzles, quiz etc prepared in co relation to the syllabus of that particular class.


Regular oral and written tests are conducted.


Competitions are held and prizes awarded.


We motivate the Children to attain 100% attendance by giving prizes.


Field trip are arranged to places like Karunai Illam etc to expose the Children to the reality of life and to teach them Christian Values.


Each group interacts with the parents on a regular basis by making use of whatsup groups.


Last year we initiated a day called Parents Day for the parents to interact on an one to one basis with the teachers.


We  have formed and trained the  Children’s Choir and also keyboard players.

Children's Mass

Regular Children’s Mass is held where the children animate the Mass doing the readings, singing and also giving their offerings by way of new clothes to be used for the poor.


We take the Children for a Picnic once a year.


The Children enact a Christmas Play and Carol singing during Christmas season.


The faculty team spend 30 minutes each Sunday after class to have a review and to plan things for the coming classes and activities.  We also have general meeting as and when warranted.


We have a complete database of the Children.


We maintain a file of the Registration Forms with Photos, Attendance Cards, Attendance Registers (customised), Syllabus, Annual Planner etc.


We have also introduced a system where the parents whose children are absent for two consecutive classes are called over phone to enquire if all is well with the child and find out the reason why the child could not attend classes.


We arrange retreat and confession for the Children.

Youth Volunteers

In addition to all above our youth volunteers attached to the Catechism Team also extent their help and support to the Parish during

Parish Feast days
Christmas Season
New Year
Lenten Season

Tracking System

We have introduced this year and it will be more effective during the coming years as we now have the database.  Here we will keep track of each and every child to see that the child continues to register and attend classes  year on year.  When we find a child who was with us last year has not registered for the current year we will get in touch with the parents to ensure the child registers and comes regularly for classes.

We have been able to progress steadily and continuously over the years by the grace of God Almighty and the prudent guidance and unending support, motivation and encouragement given to us by our beloved Parish Priest Fr. P A Jacob. Together as a team dedicated and committed to this noble cause we endeavour to give the children a Firm Faith Foundation in the Catholic Religion.