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Basic Christian Communities

The Basic Christian Communities which began in South America and vitalized the Church there, have become our own way of parish like here in India. In our own parish we have thirteen units of the BCC, each led by a coordinator and an assistant coordinator.  Each unit consists of thirty to forty families living in a particular neighborhood .They meet once a month and enrich their Christian life with the Word of God, strengthen their social ties as a member of the parish, and also share their concerns and interests pertaining to the parish as well as to the church and society at large. The BCC Coordinators  meet once a month and discuss among themselves issues pertaining to their  BCCs.

BCC church-cartoon1

BCC Coordinators

BCC 1ShalomMr. Lino Joseph9650971222
BCC 2St. AnthonyMr.Sylvester9940670408
BCC 3St. PeterMr. J.Louis9884613020
BCC 4St. LouisMr.Manuel Thomas9840027167
BCC 5St. Mother TeresaMr.Vijay Xavier9003016175
BCC 6St. ThomasMrs.Anita9962448126
BCC 7St. JosephMr. John Bosco9444018510
BCC 8Angel GabrielMrs. Maria Rakini Celine
BCC 9IsraelMrs.Stella Pushparaj04424425044
BCC 10ImmanuelMr.Ambrose9382695274
BCC 11St. JudeMrs.Latha Felix9840959922
BCC 12St. SebastianMr.Philominraj
Mr.Peter Cyril
BCC 13Holy SpiritMrs.Jinna9841080171